Shearrer's Appliance Services has been providing appliance and HVAC repair since 1981 for Piedmont Missouri and surrounding areas. Shearrer's Appliance Services team is dedicated to providing fast and reliable in-home service. Our team works hard to ensure our customers are happy with our services.

At Shearrer's Appliance Services, we strive to offer same day/next day service with a focus on kind, courteous, and skilled professionalism that you would expect from southeast Missouri’s premier in-home service company!

We offer our services for most manufacturer brands no matter where you bought them. Call us at (573) 856-4559 for more information!
They repaired my dryer.  The timer was out and had to be replaced.  He is strictly appliance service.  He came out once and figured out that he couldn't fix it here.  He would have to have a replacement part.  He came back out on the 12th and fixed the dryer.

He was very professional and very timely.  He was here when he said he was going to be here.  He told me up front what the work was going to cost.  Found out ahead of time what the replacement part was going to be and called and let me know and asked if I still wanted it.  I was very pleased and I would recommend him to anyone.  Which is how I got his name, someone recommended him to me.  I did not shop around.  I feel the price was fair.  The dryer works great

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